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This popular multi-genre festival is going to take place again in August – this time during the weekend from August 8 - 10 2013 at Panenský Týnec airport. For the fourth…

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There are not many chateaus where prince, princess, or chamberlain, head forester, or even White Lady welcomed you! You can easily spend the whole day at this place.…

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Can Museum Praga was founded in 1957. The main goal to build such museum was to map the history of the Czech biggest car brand and also tell the story about the…

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Koněprusy Caves (Koněpruské jeskyně) is a cave system in the heart of the limestone region known as Bohemian Karst, Czech Republic. It is located southwest of Prague, 6…

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Saint John under the rock has been for centuries an important center of cultural and social events. Due to both the nearby castle of Karlstejn and its own rich history,…

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Kačina is a significant empire style palace in the central region of The Czech Republic. In 1945 it was designated a national property

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The origins of the cathedral lie hidden in bulls, i.e. papal charters; the first one of 1381 was de facto a building permit while the last one recognised the…

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